Why do personal coaching is required

Understanding the place where coaching is concerned – The following is a concise explanation of psychoanalysis (from Wikipedia). Psychoanalysis seeks out the psyche / soul / personality structure and helps to locate the unconscious. Accordingly, the mind operates in two basic forces: Eros – the power of sex and the desire to unite with the other. The Thanatos – the power of aggression and destruction. The company suppresses these passions and then creates a gap and conflicts. Man overcomes conflicts through the sublimation (sublimation) in which man expresses his desires in a socially acceptable way, such as creation, art, sports and more and have qzz in your life.

According to psychoanalysis, personality structure consists of three parts:

Semitic (id) – containing the main motives for human behavior, which are innate impulses, as stated above.

The Supreme Self (ego writer) – which includes human conscience, rules and moral laws and is shaped by social norms.

The self (ego) – the entity that navigates behavior through a compromise between the supreme and the self and between them and reality.

Psychoanalytic therapy is about finding the unconscious consciousness to allow the patient to deal with it and bridge the gap between the “sugary” and the “upper self.”

Personal training focuses on the “I” (ego), its conscious aspects and of which influences the whole personality structure. It deals primarily with the trainee (values) of action, the strengths, the successes and the identification of visual elements. By engaging solely in “me”, he influences the three parts of the personality and also affects the unconscious, in the way that the trainee’s life story is arranged, puts him in the choices he has to determine later, creates a horizon and a way that suits him. While psychoanalysis permeates the inner barriers of the mind, personal training is about the visible and known “I”. The preoccupation with vision creates order in the confusion created by man within the “self” frame. The way of personal training strengthens the “self” and allows it to manage the “topical” and “the upper self,”

The personal training deals with personal barriers and also here their external expression and finding practical ways to overcome them. Sometimes, even finding outside help, such as those who find it difficult to market – can be suggested to someone else to do it instead. Investigation of the barriers themselves brings the trainee to know how to deal with them. Occasionally, there is an attempt to look at the deeper layers of personality such as Brandon Base’s “journey” method where the trainee “walks” inside his body, arrives in an area that feels uncomfortable, and then raises worse experience from the past, completes and clears anger from the past. Here, too, the trainee reaches the levels he chooses to the limits he sets and in my opinion does not go beyond the “self” framework.