How to build high self asteem

What happens to the internal dialogue within us? Are we scaring ourselves? Are we our own pink? Do we see in black? Do we criticize ourselves, constantly, that we find ourselves sad and scared and then wonder why we feel this way?

Humans are self-aware individuals are the only ones capable of conscious change. Internal dialogue program creates excitement, love or fear. Is internal dialogue in You startling you? Or empowers you? Is it creates anxiety or joy? Is internal dialogue within you lowers your self-confidence or over confidence?

Built internal dialogue, moving thoughts in our minds sequence creates the inner world, the colors in which we paint our inner world will determine how we feel and how we act. There is no more valuable work you can do in your life, than to change the internal dialogue takes place within you.

How to build high self-esteem? Treatment of confidence

1) The most important thing is to raise self-esteem: a conscious decision to stop visiting yourself. Even smarter among us, mistakenly think that it is in possession of self-control to change undesirable behavior. The truth is, that we control ourselves, we remain stuck in the same place. We all make mistakes, but people with low self-esteem have a low tolerance and humanity in which dichotomous vision of black and white, they repeated that the places themselves were wrong or took wrong decision and how they could have done it differently. Perfectionism and unrealistic high views, are fertile ground for the growth of low self confidence.

As low self-esteem is created with the idea building self-confidence, low-constant, so that the construction of high-confidence is the result of a decision to stop visiting yourself.

2) Another way to build high self-esteem is creating or consultant who is acting as an internal guide warrior voice criticism and self-doubt. It can be a good friend and supporter or your personality aspect has a broader vision. As the voice of self-criticism louder that it should be developed that supports a powerful figure. This figure, compassionate and understanding you and your hand Hhltoteich and behavior, in which takes into account all the different lines in your character. So the next time you meet your audit, you may ask yourself, what such a character would say? How could she defend you?

3) Another powerful tool is to raise the self-confidence to adapt yourself, fixed-length, daily, compliment yourself and include Maloteich. We are so accustomed to draw attention to our shortcomings, Features We raised to improve and repair. Many of us engage in “self-correcting” all the time. The last time you said to yourself in a good word? Did you forget easily stop and compliment yourself after the success of an obstacle?

4) One of the most powerful tools that build self-confidence are the words, the words you use to describe yourself and describe your life. How do you talk about yourself? Are you criticizing yourself before others do it? The words have great power, the same situation, can be described, in a way undermines you and appreciate you.

5) forgiveness to ourselves confidence, built in part on our experience ourselves. Guilt and fear are emotions most harmful to man. Balance guilt and fear of punishment after consuming the human life forces. Each of us there are regrets or doubts about past or present behaviors that experienced success. Full mental guilt and fear can not hold her head up. Reconsideration of these experiences broader perspective of yourself and a variety of forces acting on you, you have vulnerabilities and acceptance of human Holsoteich open the door to forgiveness and better internal imputations.

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