Maintaining Your Home

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The condominium is the common property of all occupants of the building, everything in the condominium serves all occupants of the building.

Common home systems are important and require regular upkeep. Without the common house maintenance, the stairwell remains dirty and dirty, the building is completely neglected, systems go awry, the elevator is not really functioning and it is difficult to trust that it will go up the floors without incident along the way.

Without common home maintenance, the quality of life in a building is very poor. Today, the awareness of common home maintenance has become sharpened, and it is difficult to find buildings today without regular maintenance. The buildings have become a real business, the condominiums today are larger, high-rise, more complex and require intensive and constant care.

Shared house maintenance doesn’t end today with hiring a cleaner once a week, today it’s a much more complex business. In order for all tenants in the building to enjoy the quality of life in their living environment, the maintenance of a shared home is no less necessary than private home care. Beyond that, home maintenance is essential to the functioning of everything that needs to be done in the building and can sometimes save lives when it comes to building emergency systems. Shared home maintenance is very evident in the building when it is clean and well maintained but it does not start and end on the exterior of the building. Shared home maintenance is much more complex and must first and foremost include the fire extinguishing system in the building.

Ongoing maintenance of the entire fire extinguishing equipment system in a building which includes a check that all equipment meets the standards and is at a high level of maintenance. The elevators in the building require regular maintenance, the elevator erodes over time, the wear and tear can damage the elevator’s proper functioning. In addition, the elevator must be properly audited every six months, and if not audited it will be fully resident. The home committee or company that manages the joint home maintenance must take care of the periodic maintenance of the elevator maintenance company. In addition, joint home maintenance should include in the maintenance program the cleaning and disinfection of water reservoirs according to the Ministry of Health guidelines.

Regular maintenance of the water reservoirs is important to prevent contaminants from entering the water. It is important to make sure that the system is generally audited, including water pumping systems every few months. If there is a solar system in the building, common house maintenance must also include it. Solar system functionality may erode over time.

Ongoing maintenance should prevent piping problems and ensure proper functioning so that there is hot water in the homes. The home committee or company that manages the joint home maintenance must take care of the integrity of all systems in the building. The waiver of maintenance issues can be avenged by tenants in the building, neglect increases dearly and also impairs the quality of life of tenants.

It is very bad to live in a building where all the systems are shattered. In the event of a power outage in the building, the generator will not work if it is too worn and unattended, the garden of the common house is likely to dry and die without regular maintenance, the stairwell will not be comfortable for walkers without proper maintenance. Joint Home Maintenance is a real business, and the House Building Committee, in conjunction with all tenants in the building, has to decide whether to take over the business and take care of the intensive handling of the building or whether it chooses to hire a company that will be responsible for the joint home maintenance.

There are quite a few management companies that offer professional maintenance services. Whatever tenants are selected, it is important to know that this is a vital matter for the building and it is highly recommended to be consistent and orderly throughout all phases of care, inspection, and inspection of the joint home maintenance. It is advisable to prepare a neat book of treatment with a record of each activity and record of payments coming out.
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