What is the benefits of palvey substance?

The pelvic preparation contains pheromones that mimic the activity of pheromones that secrete cats from the face.

Why are the pheromones secreted from the face?

These pheromones are used to mark territory, you will see the cat rubbing on various objects in the house, table legs, bed legs and more. Of course the cats also rub our feet and hands to mark them. When we return from work or a walk outside our cat most of the time after rubbing on us will start marking all the objects we brought in from the outside, this checkmark helps the cat to feel inside its territory. Yes, we are part of his territory too. The pheromones secreted on the face convey a sense of calm and confidence about the cat – everything around is familiar and probably because it recognizes the scent as the message the cat receives “it belongs to me” “no one threatens me here”.
(Spraying urine in a neutered cat, for example, is marking out of stress and insecurity in the territory? One of the solutions is to clean the places where it sprays in dry water and then spray in Palivi to help the cat mark the territory in the way the cat identifies as soothing).

The pheromones secreted on the inside convey a sense of calm and confidence about the cat – everything around is familiar and probably because it recognizes the smell.

When is Palvey recommended?

The pelivi mimics the sense of security and calm that these pheromones convey so it is advisable to use pelivi when moving an apartment and why because the new house is unmarked / odorless by our cat and it does not recognize it as failing and so to facilitate its adaptation to the new territory, it is recommended to spray the safe room the crates And then the walls of the house, the lintels and the doors.

It is also advisable to spray the carry cage before we put the cat in to take it to the vet, again the cat will smell the pheromones and feel more relaxed and safe and less caged.

It is also recommended to spray doors and lintels in multi-cat houses – again, the preparation gives a sense of security and common territory.

It is advisable to cover the cat’s favorite toy with a spray and the cat’s paw will detect the odor and understand that the couch is already marked so it will sharpen less nails on it – but it is important to give the cat other grinding solutions such as cardboard boxes, wicker baskets, rugs, logs and more.

And of course, as I explained earlier, the medicine is also very effective against urine spray.

How to use

Spray twice a morning and evening on lintels, table legs and doors 20 cm high.
The vial lasts between one and a half to two months.
For purchase with me and with vets.

To summarize – it has been proven that the pelvic calms stressed cats, helps cats adapt to a new home, stresses at the vet and reduces fights between rival home cats and reduces urine spraying!

Important Note – It is important to remember that most cats respond well to Palivi but there are always outstanding cats that Palivi does not affect you at all.